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Henry Alford
Acts 13:20: Greek supports 450 years for Judges — Henry Alford, Dean of Canterbury (1857-1871) from New Testament in Greek (4 vols.)

Ric Cunningham:
Brother Russell's view of the Millennium — One Millennium beginning in 1874.
Date of Nehemiah's Commission — Citing Priestly's work regarding 454 B.C.
How old was Xerxes? — a concise explanation.

GreatPyramid John and Morton Edgar:
Gleanings from Glasgow - Time Features — Harmony of chronology and time features. Babylon and Gentile powers typical of Christendom's history.
Great Pyramid Passages, Volume 2 — Bible Chronology; Chronological Periods; The Year: Its Beginning and Length.
20th Year of Artaxerxes — Related to the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel.
The 450 Year Period of the Judges by Morton Edgar.

Robert Gray:
A Test of Time — Answering challenges to the Bible Chronology.

Julian Gray:
Which is the True Bible Chronology? — a further verification.

Peter Karavas:
Earliest Church Fathers — views on Chronology compared to Volume 2 [PowerPoint]
Period of the Desolation — Proofs that it was 70 years long.
Period of the Judges — Proofs that it was 450 years long.

Raju Krishna:
The True Bible Chronology — Periods of the Judges, Kings and Desolation, as well as the Hebrew numbering and alphabet system in 1 Kings 6:1
The True Bible Chronology — PowerPoint Presentation. 31MB (allow extra time to download)

Jerry Leslie:
Period of the Judges — A contextual validation of Acts 13:20 and 1 Kings 6:1 with evidence supporting the 450 years.
Evidence from VAT 4956 — for dating the desolation from 607 BC. This Babylonian cuneiform tablet inscribed on two sides has evidence with 13 lunar synchronisms that affirm the years of Nebuchadnezzar's reign and therefore the year of the siege and fall of Jerusalem.
Dating the Desolation — Defending 606 B.C. as the fall of Jerusalem and 70 years as the period of desolation.
Marking Time — Periods of the Judges, Kings, Desolation, 1st year of Cyrus and 70 weeks.
Say Ye Not, a Confederacy (Isa. 8:12) — Regarding the 70 years Desolation.
Zero Year — a "red herring"
Sabbath Venerable Tradition — documenting the history of Jewish tradition and thought.

New Albany Bible Students:
Chronology for us Common Folk — Bible Chronology and Prophecy made easy.
The Thousand Years and Question of Parallels and Harvests

James Parkinson:
Resolving Chronology of the 2nd Millennium B.C. — Chronology of Israel's sojourn in Egypt compared to the popular view.

Ken Rawson:
Where Are We? — Christ's Return is in the 7th thousand year day (not the 6th).

Charles Redeker:
A Confirmation of the True Bible Chronology — From the Bible, Astronomy, Archaeology and the Great Pyramid.
The Biblical 70 Years — the period of the Desolation.
The Biblical Prophetic Year — Related to Time Prophecy.
Is Our Bible Chronology Credible? — From Adam to the end of 6,000 years.

Charles Russell on Chronology Charles Russell:
Reprint 3436 — Charles Russell explains that
587 BC is the wrong date to start counting
the Gentile Times.
Reprint 1974: Erroneous Chronology and False Contrasted — "New" arguments of today were combated more than 100 years ago.
Reprint 1978: Mr. Dimbleby's Chronology, etc — combating the supposed support of Astronomy.
Reprint 1980: True Bible Chronology Stated A.M. — a complete, but concise recap.
Bible Chronology — from Volume II of Studies in the Scripture.

Frank Shallieu:
Chronology Proofs — Support from the Bible for Volume II of Studies in the Scripture.

Earths Great Jubilee — Summarizing Volume II, Chapter 6 of Studies in the Scripture.